Hello From San Diego!

I didn’t get a chance to post before I left on my vacation, but I wanted to take a quick moment and post right now!

I left my house at 5:30 am yesterday morning to start my trip home. I arrived to the airport with plenty of time, went through security and headed to my gate to wait for my flight. Everything went great and we left Seattle on time headed for San Francisco. We even arrived early!

I had a scheduled layover in San Francisco of about an hour, so I found my gate and decided to just hang out there. I watched my plane come in through the windows and watched while they refueled and re-stocked the plane. Then waited for them to start boarding us… and waited… and waited. It wasn’t until our scheduled take-off time that they announced there was an issue with the plane, so our departure time was being pushed back an hour. Twenty minutes later they finally told us the issue was with one of the “forward lavatories” (ie first class bathroom). As we crept closer to our second departure time, it was pushed back again… for another hour and 15 minutes! At this point, I was wondering what the heck was going on in that bathroom that was taking two hours to fix! Finally, they announced that we could board the plane. Because of the long delay a lot of people jumped onto another flight that was leaving for San Diego, so our flight was actually pretty empty (it started out full). Our original take-off time was 10:59 am, we actually took off at 1:45 pm.

We finally landed in San Diego about 2:47 (20 minutes after the other flight people were jumping on). My parents were there to pick me up and then we went out for dinner (was originally supposed to be lunch) at Chili’s. There are no Chili’s anywhere near me in Washington so I had been craving their Chicken Crispers. Then it was on to home and some much-needed rest!

Today I spent the day hanging out with my mom and my aunt and we’re getting ready for my dad’s amazing tacos for dinner. So far the trip home has been exactly what I’ve been needing! Though I am missing my kitty! Tomorrow night I will be meeting up with my boys and spending the weekend with them, then will be back here with my parents for a few more days before heading back to Seattle. I will blog more about the entire trip later!!


Friday Five~ Travel (Domestic)

In honor of the fact that I will be traveling fairly soon (okay, not until the end of October) and because I just booked my flight home, I decided to center today’s five around the destinations that I would like to visit. I am starting with some of the places in the US for now, but will also to an international 5 in a later blog. I originally thought about doing my 5 favorite places that I’ve visited, but I haven’t really traveled a lot of places yet, so there aren’t enough to make a 5 list!

Before I begin, I would like to note that I have a goal to visit all 50 states (so far I’ve only hit a few- California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona & Florida. I have technically been in Texas & New Mexico, but I was only 5 so I don’t remember and am not counting them).

So here are the top 5 US locations that I would like to visit:

1. Hawaii~ beautiful beaches, waterfalls, sun… and a new Disney resort, what’s not to love? Plus my parents lived there for a couple of years while my dad was in the army and my brother was born there.

2. New York City- Broadway, museums, Rockefeller Center, enough said!

3. Alaska- Glaciers, wilderness, rugged beauty…

4. The Grand Canyon- Awe inspiring beauty and I would love to hike it! (of course I will either need to get over my fear of reptiles of bring someone along to make sure they are nowhere to be seen).

5. Nashville- the heart of Country Music.

I could continue this list with lots more places to see, but then it really wouldn’t be a Friday Five!

Where in the US would you like to visit?

More About Me

Ok, so the title of this blog makes me seem a little self-centered, but really I’m not. And yes, in a way all of my blogs are about me, but this particular blog picks up where last Friday’s left off with 5 more things about me. Last week I revealed that I have a cat, I love country music, I am a writer, I enjoy NASCAR & baseball, and I will read pretty much anything. Here are this week’s revelations:

1. I love all things Disney! As you may have guessed by my cat’s name, I am a pretty big fan of Disney. I grew up in Southern California and went to Disneyland often as a child. As an adult, I had an annual pass and would go pretty much every 6 weeks. I always referred to Disneyland as my “happy place.” I have been to Walt Disney World in Florida once, and didn’t want to leave. I have almost every Disney movie made (and have no children). My favorite characters are Eeyore and Cinderella. And I really want to go on a Disney cruise!

2. My favorite color is pink. Yes, I know I said that pink is Disney’s signature color, but really that’s because I love it! I don’t wear a lot of pink, but if pink is an option color for anything from pens to folders to tote bags, I am probably going to pick the pink. What can I say, its my girly nature coming out!

3. I am a career retailer. While I am working towards a career in the fitness industry now, I have worked in the retail industry for twenty years. Part of that time was customer service behind the scenes for retail companies, but most of it has been on the sales floor, in the store, hard-core retail. For most of those 20 years I have been in management positions, which means lots of headaches, but also a lot of challenge and diversity. This is especially true considering I have worked for a variety of companies including a department store, historic hotel boutique, major greeting card franchise, occupational footwear company, pet supply store corporate office and (currently) a supplement store.

4. Last week I mentioned books, music and sports, but I am also a movie addict. I have a huge collection of DVDs ranging from romantic comedies to suspense with just about everything in between (including the Disney movies mentioned earlier). I love to see movies in the theater and also at home curled up in front of the TV. I prefer to have a bag of popcorn with me when I’m watching movies, but can go without when necessary. But I need to get to the theater early to pick a good seat and see all of the previews. I hate getting into the theater after the previews start!

5. I miss my car… desperately! I have not had a car for just over a year now and I really miss it! While I am able to get around using public transportation or walking, I miss the freedom having a car gave me. Now I have to plan in extra time to walk where I need to go or plan my trip around the bus schedule… this makes it really hard to be spontaneous. Plus waiting 30 minutes or more for the bus at night when I get off work gets really tiring when all I want to do is go home. I am really hoping that I’ll be able to afford a used car by the end of the year, even if it’s just a beater, but we’ll have to see how things go…

So there you have it, another look into the parts of my life aside from fitness and healthy eating. As I mentioned before, it is these little pieces that help to give my life balance and make me who I am. I’ll share 5 more pieces with you next week.

How attached are you to your car?