June Challenge

I had mentioned in a previous blog that I was putting together a challenge for June as well as a larger year-long project to start after my birthday in July. Tonight I want to share the details of my June Challenge with you.

There are 5 pieces to my June Challenge, and I will be updating you on my progress every Saturday. Since I will only be two days into the challenge next Saturday, my first update will be to share my tracking methods for everything. Here are the goals for the challenge:

1. Blog daily! I will be posting to my blog every day in the month of June. I will be continuing with my Adventure Monday, Wednesday Walks and Friday 5 blogs, but will be adding in additional blogs as well, including my Saturday Challenge Updates.

2. Walk, run or bike 100 miles in the month of June. This comes out to 3.3 miles per day which is completely do-able for me.

3. Do 1000 each of push-ups, squats and crunches during the month, which comes out to 33.3 per day. Again this is something that I should be able to accomplish.

4. Eat Breakfast every day! I go through periods where I am eating breakfast all the time, then I will hit a slump and not eat breakfast for several days. This month I want to make sure that I am eating breakfast consistently.

5. Attend 5 Gym Classes. It can be any class… Zumba, Body Pump, Yoga, whatever~ I just need to get into the gym for at least 5 classes this month. While I have been exercising regularly, I haven’t been to the gym in about 6 weeks and its time to get my butt back there!

I have 2 different rewards picked out for this challenge. One of the rewards is for completing 80% of my goals, the other is for completing 100% of my goals (Thank you Laura for the idea of reaching 80%!):

80%~ 5lb Kettlebell & DVD set
100%~ Subscription to Yumvelope

What are your goals for June?