Training Topic~ Crossfit??

Crossfit has become very big in the fitness world. I had honestly never heard about it before this year, but several of the bloggers I follow are all into Crossfit. Then it started showing up more and more on Twitter and Pinterest, and suddenly I was wondering what the hype was all about… then deciding that Crossfit was definitely NOT for me.

But what did I base this decision on? Was I intimidated by the exercises that I saw everyone posting and figuring I could never master them? Was it the blisters on people’s hands? Was is laziness or not wanting to put out the effort? Was it concern about the cost? The commitment? The Paleo lifestyle? Or was it really just the one thing that I am trying to overcome… fear?

So I decided to open myself up to the possibility of Crossfit and do some more research on it. Not only is Crossfit scalable to different fitness levels, but you can also perform the workouts at home. In reading various blogs about Crossfit, I have seen a lot of different equipment mentioned, but its nice to know that a lot of the workouts can be done without equipment.

Does this change my opinion about it? I’m not sure… I am still definitely intimidated, but I am at least open to the possibility of trying some of the workouts in the future. Right now I am focusing on my running program and don’t want to try to change too many things at one time, but down the road I might give Crossfit a try.

What do you think? Have you tried Crossfit, would you? And if you do Crossfit, how has it enriched your life? I really want to know!