This week I’m….

Nonfiction: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

Fiction: The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Magazine: Experience Life

Blog: Becoming the Odd Duck

Netflix: Weeds

DVD: The Harry Potter series

Listening to:
Invisibly Shaken by Rodney Atkins


Last Week: Pantry… its much better, though will always appear pretty cluttered since its so small.

This week: Bookcases!

My bookcases seem to be the catchall of everything in my room (and yes, those are all of my supplements). Plus I still have my old textbooks and stuff hanging out. I want to get them cleaned up and organized this week!

What are you listening to?


Summer Reading Part I

Because June was so crazy, I didn’t post the books that I completed in June… there were only 2 of them! But I have certainly been back to my regular reading rate and decided to post the books that I have completed in June and the first half of July. I’ll post again at the end of August with the rest of my summer reads, but for now, here you go:

The two from June

And 5 so far for July!

What are you reading this summer?

The Books of May

Today is going to be a double post day!

I’ve mentioned before that I love reading, and I consider it an integral part of my healthy lifestyle because it allows me to relax, reflect and learn when I’m not working, playing or working out (or blogging for that matter). I decided that I would like to share with you the books that I have read each month, so on the first Sunday of the month, I will be sharing the books from the month before.

I also mentioned that I have diverse taste when it comes to books and am generally reading multiple books at the same time. I break books up into categories and only read one book from each category at a time. Sometimes one category will really appeal to me and I will devour books in that category for a while, taking longer to read books in the other categories.

Let’s take a closer look at the books I’ve read…


Just 3 non-fiction books this month, focused on books, blogging and spirituality.


I only read one memoir this month, I had a hard time getting into it, though I ultimately enjoyed it.


Not only were all 3 fiction books in the same category this month, they were all also by the same author! I am on a huge Jayne Ann Krentz (Jayne Castle is a pseudonym for JAK) kick right now, I love that a lot of her contemporary books take place in Seattle and the PNW. I am reading another of her books right now.

I am reading my normal huge stack of books right now. I usually read a chapter a week in most of the non-fiction books, unless a topic really grabs my attention. The others I read at least a chapter a day, but there is usually one book in the group that really grabs me that I read several chapters when I have time. Here is the stack of current books…

Yep, it’s a pretty big stack! Many of these will continue into July’s list as well, but I know at least 4 of them will be completed in June… plus other titles in their categories as well. By the way, the categories are: Fiction- Romance, Fiction- Novel, Memoir, Fiction- YA Series (currently 2 in this category), Non-fiction- Spirituality, Non-Fiction- Health, Non-Fiction- Personal Development, Non-fiction- Writing, Re-read, Non-fiction- Blogging.

What does your reading list look like?