Walking Views

Its Wednesday, time for my weekly photo blog from my walks. I have been told by a few people that they love these blogs, so here is this week’s installment without further ado…


This is another flowering tree, there are so many varieties that I see around town. I am trying to capture the flowering trees while they are all still in bloom. Hopefully I will be able to show you all of them this season!


I only see this particular flower in one garden on my way to work and had not seen it anywhere before. I did see it today in one of the flower stalls in Pike Place Market though, so I was pretty excited about that!


I love this sign for Greenwing Gardens and Parrot Cafe. Unfortunately they no longer exist and the sign actually is pointing to someone’s house, but I bet it would have been a really fun place!


Mother Nature decided to remind us that we are indeed still in Seattle this week, so most days the sky looked more like this, grey and overcast, rather than the beautiful blue skies we had been seeing for the past few weeks.


I pass this wall of rocks everyday. It actually runs for about a block along the edge of the mall’s parking lot. I do not even want to think about what might be living in there!


Crows are everywhere and I see so many of them everyday! I have been having a really hard time getting good wildlife pictures because the wildlife really likes to hide! I almost got a shot of a chipmunk last week, and this week came close to getting a shot of a seal at Ballard Locks. Unfortunately, I have been getting almost all bird pictures lately! Rest assured, next week will actually feature something other than a bird!

And again, I saved the best for last…


One of this week’s walks included a trip through downtown Seattle and a visit to┬áthe Space Needle. This is a shot of me (now you all know what I look like!) in front of the Needle. There was another picture that shows more of the sign, but the expression on my face makes it seem like I am not enjoying myself (and I was), so I decided to go with this one instead.

Where in Seattle would you like to see me walk next?