So its been pretty difficult over the past week or so to not stress my injury. Even getting on and off the bus can cause pain. I’ve managed to send pain shooting through my calf on three separate occasions stepping on or off the bus since Friday. I honestly figured that I would be feeling better by now and that I would be ready to start walking again this week and that the extra week would just be insurance. Right now I wonder if I’ll be ready to walk again next week! I am trying to have patience and to give myself the time I need to heal, but I have to admit that I am getting a little stir crazy!

Obviously my original plan of 10 weeks of focused fitness before I go home for a visit had to be scrapped (or at least highly modified). I know that I am not going to hit my next goal before I see everyone from home, so I can changed my focus and am working on maintaining. With my activity level severely reduced, I am paying very close attention to my food intake and working on getting as much movement as I can (with modifications of course) in throughout the day. I stepped on the scale today and found that I am at the low-end of the range I have been bouncing between while plateaued, so that means things are working right now.

I am putting together a new plan, because really when do I not have a plan, that will take me through the end of the year. I want to gradually build my fitness back up to my normal level over the next 5 weeks (when I should hopefully be ok to start running), and then build up again from there. I think that I can make some great progress between now and the end of the year (15 weeks if you can believe that!), so that I can really take things to the next level in 2013~ with both my fitness and my blog!

So this week I’m:
1. Putting together a plan
2. Focusing on food~ eating cleaner
3. Allowing myself to heal
4. Finishing Coach Yourself to Success by Talane Meidaner
5. Researching web-hosts in preparation of making the jump to a self-hosted blog
6. Catching up on all of my blog reading and emails (I get so behind sometimes)

Let me know:
What are you doing this week?


One Foot in Front of the Other

Most of the time I don’t have any problems with my daily 4.5 mile round trip walk to and from work. As a matter of fact, I usually enjoy it. But then there are those days when the entire walk is nothing but torture and I hate every second of it. On those days its all I can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other to make it home. Sometimes only half the trip feels this way, but there are those rare occasions that both to and from work are a nightmare of a walk… yesterday was one of those days!

My morning walk to work started out with me being really tired, mostly because I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the past two nights. I hadn’t gotten more than a couple of blocks from my house when I had to stop to fix my shoe because my sock was slipping down. Another block and a half later I had to stop and fix both shoes for the same problem! And I had to stop again about a half a mile later to do the same thing. This time I tied the offending shoe really tight, almost to the point of cutting off my circulation. But thankfully I did not have the slipping problem the rest of the way.

A side note… it is definitely time for a new pair of walking shoes and I will be getting them (along with some running shoes~ finally~ next week), but I think that my Thorlo socks may be finally nearing the end of their life cycle because the elasticity around the opening is starting to loosen. I purchased my Thorlo walking socks over 5 years ago (a few pair closer to 8 years) so I guess I can forgive them for finally starting to give out. They are definitely worth the expense, so I will probably be picking up a few new pairs to replace the worst offenders soon.

Ok, back to my walk. Other than the sock issue and needed to go to the bathroom quite badly by the time I got to work, nothing else really eventful happened on either leg of the walk, just an extreme sense of exhaustion (especially on the return trip) and a general bad attitude about walking in general. I walked home pretty slowly and every step seemed like it took a herculean effort.

While I know there are good days and bad days all the time, I think I know why yesterday was so bad. There are several contributing factors, but these are the big ones:

1. Lack of rest! Both from not getting enough sleep and from not taking a rest day. I walk 4.5 miles every day that I work, do an alternative cardio workout on one of my days off and then do a cardio rest on the other day off. But for the last several weeks, I’ve been working 6 days instead of 5, so I am missing my rest days.

2. Improper fueling! My eating has been horrible lately, mostly because I haven’t gone shopping or made any meal plans. I grab whatever is convenient and have eaten very few freggies of late. While I am getting the nutrients I need for my body to function, I am not getting enough of the right kinds of fuel to get through the day… which is even more important than just the nutrients!

I will be fixing one of these problems with a big shopping trip and a menu plan tomorrow, but the other problem is harder to fix since I am working 6 days again next week as well. One thing that I am definitely doing is making sure that I am getting enough sleep, because I know that I really need sleep to function properly. While I could get away with 5-6 hours of sleep when I was younger, I need a full 7-8 hours now.

Another possible solution to the rest problem that I’m considering is to take a week off from walking to/from work and busing at least one direction for a while (I haven’t ridden the bus anywhere in over a month). This way I can focus on other cardio activities that I rarely get time for.

What would you do?

41 is the New 21

So, now that I am 41 I have been reflecting on my life… where I’ve been and where I’m headed. I decided that my motto for this year would be “41 is the new 21.” Now many people automatically associate 21 with drinking and partying, but I associate is more to a passion for life. And I definitely need more passion in my life… in all ways.

I have been trying to pinpoint when I lost my passion for life, and really I think it happened when I was still pretty young, like around 19. I gave up on a lot of my dreams around that time and have really not been passionate about anything since then. There have been brief sparks here and there over the years when something has caught my attention for a short time, but there hasn’t been a great love of life for me in a long while. I want to fix that.

So this year I really want to focus on finding my passion again. I want to explore my interests and chase my dreams. I want to meet people and open myself up to the possibilities that exist, rather than closing myself off. I want to get out of my room and into the world, stop being a hermit and start being a traveler. Basically, I want to grab life and shake it until all of the fun and romance and excitement falls into my arms.

It won’t be easy, because essentially I am an introvert and I have been closed off from people (especially men) for so many years. It may hurt a little to open myself up, but I know that I need to if I want to really start living my life rather than just existing from day-to-day. I will probably need people to hold me accountable as well, so if you’re reading this, hold me to it! If you know me in real life or on another social medium, ask me what I’ve been doing to open myself up more. If you haven’t seen a blog post that talks about something new, exciting or passionate… remind me to get off my rear and get out there and live! Drag me out the door if you have to! I am not getting any younger, and I still want it all, so now is the time for me to get out there and grab it!

What fills your life with passion and purpose?


I have been reading a lot of blog posts today from people sharing their celebrations from the 4th of July. I realized yesterday as I was walking home from work that I have really given up celebrating holidays since moving to Seattle. To be honest, I haven’t celebrated 4th of July since I was a child, except for last year when the friends I was living with threw a big party with fireworks and the whole shebang. So missing out on barbeques and fireworks yesterday really wasn’t a big deal. But other holidays are more so…

There are some holidays that I have never really celebrated, like New Year’s. I have not been to a New Year’s Eve party since I was a kid… and I only remember one from my childhood, but there might have been more. And I really don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day, mostly because I am and always have been single. Other holidays like Veteran’s Day and things like that don’t usually involve celebrations for me either.

But then there are the holidays that I have always loved and just don’t feel much like celebrating on my own. Like Christmas… Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday (falling closely behind my birthday) and this past year I spent it alone watching Harry Potter movies. And Easter… I am big into Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies, but my last 2 Easters have included neither. My first Easter in Washington was completely uneventful, my second included a vastly entertaining dinner with my roommate’s family.

And then there is the big holiday, for me at least, coming up in just over a week… my birthday. Last year, my best friend took me out to dinner on my birthday, then we went to Las Vegas a week later to celebrate both of our birthdays. This year, I really don’t know. I had requested 4 days off work for a long weekend, hoping that I might be able to find a way to go home, but that didn’t happen. Now we are going to be incredibly short-handed at work, so my 4 days has turned to 3 and I may end up working more that weekend as well. My roommate was talking about getting everyone together for drinks the night before, but so far everyone has been pretty non-committal (by everyone I mean the 4 friends I have in Washington), so it might end up just being me and Joanna, but I don’t know…

I guess it’s the holidays that are really the hardest for me as far as this whole move to Washington is concerned. I am so used to being really close to my family and sharing the holidays with them and my boys, but now I haven’t seen my parents or my boys in over a year (15 months). I have seen my brother in that time at least, I even saw him last week, but I still don’t see him for holidays either. I miss them all everyday, but the holidays seem the worst. I know it will get better with time and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to at least get home for a visit.

Welcome to my blog!

I have the dream of an incredible life, a life where I run marathons and compete in a triathlon, a life where I go rock climbing and work in the field of fitness and nutrition. The is not the life I currently have, but it is the life I am working towards. I am chronicling the journey from my current life to the life of my dreams here on this blog, Healthy Living In Seattle.

To start the journey, let me give you some background about me. I am a recent transplant to Seattle, WA from San Diego, CA. I am getting ready to experience my first winter in the Pacific Northwest, so it should be pretty interesting. I am 40 years old, single and female. I have been overweight most (ok probably all) of my life. I have been actively working to lose weight and get healthy for the last several years, and am in the process of re-dedicating myself on this journey. I have always been fascinated by fitness and nutrition and have completely certification courses in the field, though did nothing with them. I was laid off 2 years ago and decided to take the opportunity to change careers, though took a much different route. I am currently 4 months away from becoming a licensed Pharmacy Technician. I plan to work in this field while I prepare to shift gears into the field of fitness and nutrition.

In this blog, I will share my progress along the way to my healthier lifestyle. I plan to share recipes, personal insights, reviews of fitness products and routines, recommendations of healthy resources on the web and locally and general updates on my progress. I invite you to follow along with my journey and share your feedback.