My 42nd Year- The Project!

So I mentioned that I was putting together a big year-long project to commence after my birthday, well that project has now begun and I wanted to share some of the details with you! As you may have noted in my last blog, I am looking to reawaken my passion during my 42nd year of life, so some of my plans for this project/ challenge reflect this.

Essentially my mission statement for this year is to have fun, love myself, work hard, treat myself well and reach my goals. I have a lot that I want to accomplish and have broken everything down into small steps with room for changes and updates along the way. Rather than focusing on the entire year or even a month at a time, I will be focusing on one week at a time and will be working on various areas of my life, not just fitness and healthy eating. I am starting with very small goals this week and will be building on them as I go. I want to get back in touch with the basics right now, both to help break my plateau and to get me started on the right foot for the coming year.

So here are the details… Each week I will have weekly goals and daily goals. The daily goals will remain the same for the entire week. I will also have specific training plans and menu plans each week in addition to a weekly book focus. As I stated, this week the goals are pretty small and I will be building up to much larger goals as the year goes on. For the purpose of this challenge/project my weeks will be running from Monday to Sunday.

The Specifics 7/16-7/22

Daily Goals:
Eat Breakfast
Brush Teeth
Wear Mascara
Clean Litter Box
Take Morning Supplements

Weekly Goals:
Save $20
Rearrange Bedroom Furniture
Go to the Movies
Read 50 Chapters

Weekly Menu (Breakfast only this week):
Monday- Granola & Yogurt
Tuesday-Granola & Yogurt
Wednesday- Protein Shake
Thursday- Granola & Yogurt
Friday- Protein Shake
Saturday- Granola & Yogurt
Sunday- Protein Shake

Weekly Workout Plan:
Monday- Stretch; Walk 1 mile
Tuesday- Stretch; Dance; Strength
Wednesday- Stretch; Walk 4.5 miles
Thursday- Stretch; Walk 2.75 miles
Friday- Stretch; Walk 4.5 miles
Saturday- Stretch; Walk 2.75 miles; Strength
Sunday- Stretch; Walk 4.5 miles; Yoga

Weekly Book Focus:
Catching Fire
All Over the Map (completed)
Grand Passion
The Help

 So far I am on track with all of my goals this week. I do have some rewards in place that I will discuss next week. I also plan to build a lot into my workouts this year including adding kettlebells, restarting my running program, adding swimming and cycling, increasing to heavier weights, trying a Body Pump class and adding more yoga. All in all I am really excited about making this an amazing year!

Have you ever undertaken a life makeover project?