Happiness Monday 9/3/12

My happiness this week comes in all forms…

1. A fun BBQ with friends… good food, drinks, a bean bag toss tournament & even a haircut or two!

2. A day off! Usually I end up working the holidays that the store is open, but was lucky enough to get the day off this time!

3. Recovering from my injury… it was minor, but still set me back a few days. I didn’t realize how much I looked forward to my workouts until I couldn’t do them.

4. Getting organized! I have been slowly working through the various projects in my room and getting organized.  So far I’ve gotten 3 projects done and am starting work on a 4th. There are still 3 more projects left in my room, then the biggest project of all out in the garage!

5. And as always… this face!

Where did you find your happiness?