Goodbye Adventure Monday

So I have some sad news… due to my promotion at work, I will now be working on Mondays, which means that Adventure Monday will be no more. The management team works every Monday, so now that I am on the team, I have to be there for the Monday Management Meetings. Now, I will be having some Sundays off so will be able to put together some Adventure Sundays with my roommate in the future. In the meantime I will just have to work on creating my own personal adventure one day each week.

In honor of all of the Adventure Mondays I’ve enjoyed in the past, I wanted to post some photos of past Adventure Mondays for your enjoyment:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I look forward to sharing more adventures with you in the future!


Adventure Monday~ Kids Edition

So this weekend my roommate’s niece and nephew stayed with us, they are 6 & 4 respectively. Added into that equation was my roommate’s 12-year-old son, and our combined 4 cats and a dog. Needless to say we had a very busy household this weekend! I wasn’t able to play much with everyone on Saturday and Sunday because I was working, though I did get a pedicure from the 6-year-old on Saturday night and was able to see the bugs that they had caught on Sunday. Today, however, we all spent Adventure Monday together (minus the pets) at the Pacific Science Center here in Seattle.

We had lots of fun playing with all of the interactive exhibits and walking through the butterfly terrarium. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love butterflies, so this of course was the highlight of the trip for me! The kids had a blast touching everything to see how it worked, viewing various bugs and reptiles (I stayed away from that exhibit) and watching the robotic dinosaurs.

One of the many statues in the water outside the Science Center

A selection of butterflies

And some dinosaurs.

After the Science Center, we drove down to Tacoma to drop the kids off with their dad, we also dropped off my roommate’s son so he can spend the summer with his dad as well, then my roommate and I hit the casino before heading home, where I quickly turned my $20 into $60, then spent the rest of the evening playing on my winnings. I ended up breaking even and had a great time! Now we are relaxing with a movie and some cocktails!

Also on today’s agenda was our produce delivery from Full Circle.

Green grapes, baby lettuces, spinach, cucumber, plums, apriplums, oranges, and avocados today!

What was your latest adventure?

Monday’s Story

Today was a pretty chill day all the way around. The weather was rainy and kind of cold, so we kept things nice and easy for our adventure and went to the movies and ran some errands. While not as exciting as some of our other adventures have been, it was still a really great day.

I love that I get along so well with my roommate and we are able to get out together at least once a week and have a good time. Sometimes its like today and we run errands, other times we hike, and still others we go out on the town for the evening. And then there are the days we just sit in front of the TV.

Today started out with me getting some things done around my room and a couple of episodes of Prison Break (of course). Then we headed out to the bank, Target and the movie theater. My roommate had a gift card for the movies, so she treated me and we saw Hunger Games. This was the 3rd time I had seen it, but Joanna hadn’t seen it yet and I knew she would enjoy it. And I still enjoyed it as much as the first time as well. After that it was time to hit the pharmacy and come home to start dinner. We have an unspoken arrangement where she cooks the main course and I do the veggies… we’ve never discussed this, it just sort of happens. After dinner came a few more episodes of Prison Break (I told you I was obsessed). Now I am finishing up some stuff on the computer (still trying to get caught up on all of the blogs I follow) and getting ready to settle down to read before bed.

While today wasn’t filled with new experiences, it was just what I needed to relax and refocus.

Today’s other highlight was of course my produce box:

Thos order included bananas, pancake mix, green leaf lettuce, red spring onions, zucchini, red potatoes, apricots, radishes, peaches, nectarines, red grapes & whole wheat cider bread.

What are your favorite summer produce items?