What Happens Now

I usually love change and embrace it. I often seek out change every so often because I think it is great for inner growth. There is a lot of change happening in my life right now, and there has been for a few years. I feel like I have grown so much and really started developing into the person that I am meant to be. There are two things happening in my life right now that I can’t talk about here on the blog. One of them I really can’t talk about with anyone, so I have started keeping a journal again to deal with it. All I can really say is that if I survive the next six months (and please God don’t let it take longer than that), I will know that I can survive anything.

Other changes that I can discuss…

* I am buying a car! Its used, and I’m buying it from a coworker next month. I am really looking forward to having a car again and the freedom that it will provide!

* I got promoted again! I am already doing the work, and there is talk of a future promotion in the works, but I have yet to get the raise… they’re still discussing how much I will be getting. I am hoping that they will put it through retro-active, but I am not sure.

* I re-activated my Full Circle produce deliveries, so look for posts of the yummy goodness that comes each week from them. This week I ordered a Marco Polo cheese that is amazing!

* Running is back in the workout schedule! I have completed 2 running workouts so far this week and am still walking to and from work for the time being as well. I need to really ramp up my strength workouts again, they have slipped into nothingness lately.

* The new blog is coming! I keep talking about it, I know, and the launch date keeps getting pushed back, but it really is coming! I am really hoping to be able to launch it before December. This blog has kind of slipped from its original intent and design, so I am looking forward to launching the new blog in the way I really want it.

* The holidays are coming! This just excites me because I’ve always loved the holidays, though last year was really hard since it was the first time I was away from my family. I have absolutely no idea what is happening for Thanksgiving this year, but will probably be spending it at home (Seattle) with the kitties since I work late the day before and early the day after. As for Christmas, I really don’t have plans for that either, but I have some ideas for things I can do.

So those are some of the highlights on what’s happening now with me… What’s happening with you?


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