San Diego Part 3

Once I returned to my parents’ on Sunday evening, we had a yummy Chinese food dinner (one of the few non-Mexican food meals of the trip). The next couple days included more shopping with my mom (and my aunt). I ended up with some new work clothes out of the deal, so it was all good. On the last night I was home, we had dinner with another uncle, aunt and one of my cousins.

Pretty soon it was Wednesday morning and time to get ready to head back home to Seattle. I got my suitcase packed up and deflated the air mattress, then we hit the road to head to the airport. Of course we stopped for one last shot of Mexican food before we headed out.

Once we arrived at the airport it was time to say goodbye to my parents again. This was the hard part of course! There were hugs and tears, but since we were in the loading zone we couldn’t really linger too long. I checked my bag and headed to security, where I breezed right through. I ended up with almost 2 hours to kill in the airport because everything went so smoothly, so I spent some time reading.

My flight from San Diego to San Francisco was pretty uneventful, we landed on time and I headed for the gate for my 2nd flight. It turns out I was flying out of the exact same gate that I flew out of when I flew down the week before. Thankfully this time there was no delay and we took off on time.

There was some bad weather between San Francisco and Seattle, but the approach was utterly beautiful over the city. I had a great view of the Space Needle and Elliott Bay from my window on the plane. After we landed, I called to let my parents know I had arrived safely and headed to pick up my bag and wait for my roommate.

My roommate didn’t get off work until about the time I landed, so I again had some time to kill, but I mostly just people watched. Once she picked me up, we decided to go out to dinner. And what was she craving? Mexican food of course! So even after I arrived back to Seattle, I had one more meal on my Mexican food adventure. While dinner was good, Seattle Mexican food will never hold a candle to the Mexican food back home!

So that’s it, my adventure back in San Diego… I know it wasn’t very exciting in terms of activities, but I really enjoyed the time to decompress, relax and being able to spend time with the people I love. Here are a few last pictures of San Diego that  I took from the car on the way to the airport:


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