San Diego Part 2

So the second part of my San Diego trip started Friday night when I arrived at Jeremy’s & Tav’s place. Tav was at work, so it was just me and Jeremy to start. We went to the coffee shop across the way and had coffee (hot chocolate for me) and basically just spent some time talking and catching up. After that we took a walk to pick up supplies (ie drinks) for the weekend. After spending more time chatting at the apartment, we headed to a bar across the street for a drink where Tav met up with us.

We had originally talked about doing all kinds of things while I was there, but ended up really just hanging out all weekend. They pretty much live right across the street from Balboa Park, so we hung out there most of the day on Saturday before heading back to the apartment to play beer pong (I was simply a spectator). Later we headed downtown, forgetting that it was the Saturday before Halloween and it was insane with (drunk) people in costumes everywhere. The people watching part was fun!

Sunday we had a picnic lunch before heading into the area of Balboa Park where all of the museums are. We went to the San Diego Natural History Museum to see the Chocolate exhibit and wandered through the other exhibits as well. Finally it came time for me to head to the trolley to head back over to my parents’ place. I have to say, the 2 days I spent with Jeremy and Tav were the only days I really got anything resembling a workout in while I was gone! We walked everywhere.

Here are some pictures from Balboa Park, the museum & my boys:


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