San Diego Trip Part 1b

I already posted a “Hello from San Diego” blog that included  the details of my extremely long delay in San Francisco and the first day with my parents, but I wanted to tell you all a bit more about my trip, so I’ll want to pick up where I left off…

Basically my trip can be divided into 3 parts: my arrival and 3 2 1/2 days with my parents, the weekend spent with 2 of my very best friends, then 2 more days with my parents and my departure. This blog will pick up where I left off and continue through the point I met up with my friends for the weekend.

I had already mentioned shopping with my mom and my aunt on the second day of my trip, then we had dinner at my parents’… my dad’s amazing tacos. I will be completely honest and tell you that I did not focus on healthy eating during my trip home at all and I ate quite a few tacos. But they were incredibly delicious! My aunt and uncle were also there for dinner as well.

We had tossed around a lot of different things that we might do while I was in town including the beach and the zoo (we didn’t do either of these). On Friday we left the house planning to go to Coronado to the beach, but while I was in the bank getting cash for the weekend, our plans changed and we ended up going to Old Town instead (so I could have more Mexican food while I was there… good Mexican food was one of the themes of the trip). We did indeed have a terrific lunch at Casa de Reyes and wandered around the historic town that grew up around the mission on the hill.

After we wandered around Old Town, we headed back to my parents’ so that I could get ready to head over to my friends’ for the weekend…

Here are some photos from Old Town:


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