Hello From San Diego!

I didn’t get a chance to post before I left on my vacation, but I wanted to take a quick moment and post right now!

I left my house at 5:30 am yesterday morning to start my trip home. I arrived to the airport with plenty of time, went through security and headed to my gate to wait for my flight. Everything went great and we left Seattle on time headed for San Francisco. We even arrived early!

I had a scheduled layover in San Francisco of about an hour, so I found my gate and decided to just hang out there. I watched my plane come in through the windows and watched while they refueled and re-stocked the plane. Then waited for them to start boarding us… and waited… and waited. It wasn’t until our scheduled take-off time that they announced there was an issue with the plane, so our departure time was being pushed back an hour. Twenty minutes later they finally told us the issue was with one of the “forward lavatories” (ie first class bathroom). As we crept closer to our second departure time, it was pushed back again… for another hour and 15 minutes! At this point, I was wondering what the heck was going on in that bathroom that was taking two hours to fix! Finally, they announced that we could board the plane. Because of the long delay a lot of people jumped onto another flight that was leaving for San Diego, so our flight was actually pretty empty (it started out full). Our original take-off time was 10:59 am, we actually took off at 1:45 pm.

We finally landed in San Diego about 2:47 (20 minutes after the other flight people were jumping on). My parents were there to pick me up and then we went out for dinner (was originally supposed to be lunch) at Chili’s. There are no Chili’s anywhere near me in Washington so I had been craving their Chicken Crispers. Then it was on to home and some much-needed rest!

Today I spent the day hanging out with my mom and my aunt and we’re getting ready for my dad’s amazing tacos for dinner. So far the trip home has been exactly what I’ve been needing! Though I am missing my kitty! Tomorrow night I will be meeting up with my boys and spending the weekend with them, then will be back here with my parents for a few more days before heading back to Seattle. I will blog more about the entire trip later!!


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