Photo Catch-up

As I was uploading pictures from a recent walk and saw how many pictures I had not uploaded yet or shared with you all, I decided I really needed to do a quick photo catch-up blog from the last month! I’ll be posting my regular photo walk photos tomorrow, but here are some things that have been happening:

Our dog (ok technically she’s my roommate’s dog, but I still claim her) had surgery to remove part of her ear due to a malignant tumor. She is thankfully 100% cancer free and fully recovered now!

I randomly shot this photo of our backyard one day. We found out last night that apparently our yard is city property and they are going to put a road through it for new construction. The swing set would be torn down. (We rent, so of course this has been turned over to our landlord to dispute and is out of our hands).

Not a pretty shot of my wrapped leg while recovering from my injury. Thankfully I feel great now and will start running again after my vacation.

My textbooks for studying for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification

I went to the horse races for the first time ever! I won a few, lost a few and had a great day all around!

And we experienced summer-type weather up until just this past week, when fall arrived with a vengeance!

I’ll show you some of the signs of fall in tomorrow’s photo walk blog…

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