Friday Five~ My Day

Its been a long time since I last posted a Friday Five (or posted blogs on back to back days). I had the idea this morning to do 5 things that I did today. The day started out awesome, but unfortunately hasn’t ended up that way… so here goes

1. Took a nice walk, about 2 miles, on a different route than I take to and from work.

2. Met my good friend Jeff at the Space Needle and spent time looking over Seattle and buying gifts to take home on my visit. We also ate lunch at Quincy’s while at the Seattle Center.

3. After the Needle, Jeff and I wandered around Pike Place Market, enjoyed some spiced cider (the weather has definitely turned to fall), and I picked up some marinated cheese curds (which ended up being my dinner).

4. Went grocery shopping and picked up some inexpensive lunches to get me through the next week and a half. Probably not the healthiest of choices, but not too bad considering my budget.

5. Had a mini personal crisis (and cried). Vague explanation: A person I just met said/did something that offended me last week and I thought that I had let it go, but when I was confronted with the person again today, discovered that I had not let it go and did not be around them. Normally, I would just not have anything to do with them and call it quits, but they are dating someone close to me, therefore I can’t avoid being around them. Plus I didn’t tell the person they are dating about it because they really like this new person and are really happy, so I have to figure out how to deal with it and/or let it go. Right now, I’m avoiding the situation completely, but that can’t go on forever.


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