So close…

A theme in my life right now seems to be “so close…”

1. My vacation is less than 2 weeks away

2. I weighed in at 165.4 lbs, less than .5 lbs away from a total of 50lbs lost

3. The size 10 pants I mistakenly bought a month or so ago now zip, but are just a little too snug for public wearing.

4. I am due for another promotion (and raise) November 1st

5. My new website/blog are almost ready. (I have enlisted the help of my computer guru to help workout the remaining glitches).

As you can see, I have some very big milestones/ events on the horizon, all of which should come to fruition over the next couple of weeks!! To say this is an exciting time for me might be an understatement… it’s truly a life-changing time for me!

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