What is Going On??

I have not blogged in so long! What the heck is going on?? Have I lost my passion for blogging? NO!! I just really need to work on my time management skills because life has gotten so busy and time is getting away from me. I need to make sure that I am finding time for the things that are most important to me in my very busy schedule right now… namely fitness and blogging. I am not doing a very good job with that right now.

Why am I so busy? Work hours have increased due to vacations this month, and my commute time has increased because I’m walking again (Yay!). Of course one of the vacations is my own, so I am busy getting ready for that as well. Then there’s studying. And social commitments. And extreme exhaustion!

So the details:
Work: As I stated, there are vacations happening at work, plus we just hired 2 brand new people who need training, this means I am working longer shifts (and sometimes 6 days) to make sure the store is fully staffed. Just yesterday I ended up leaving late because we were so busy. While this is a good thing for the wallet, it’s not so great for my focus and goals, because I have less time to commit to them and I am completely exhausted when I get home.

Fitness: My calf is feeling much better and I am back to my regular walking routine. I get some occasional tightness in my calf, but no pain. Of course, now that I am walking to work again, it means that my commute time has doubled. Of course I was walking all the time before so it’s really just back to normal, but since I’ve gotten so busy, it seems so much longer. I also restarted my strength workouts (lower body) this week as well. I will be gradually increasing my workouts until I am back up to normal in about 4-5 weeks.

Vacation: Three weeks from today I will be home for the first time in a year and a half! I am super excited of course. I can’t wait to see 4 very special people, plus anyone else I can happen to fit in. This means that I am trying to get everything together before then. I have things to buy, appointments to set, instructions to write, packing lists to make, cleaning to do, etc… I am completely burned out at work right now, so this makes this vacation so much more welcome and anticipated as well.

Studying: I was so excited to get my text books and set up a study plan that I went a little lot too ambitious when putting it together. I feel like I am so behind, when in reality, studying for my personal trainer certification does not have a due date. While ACE recommends allowing 3-6 months to take the exam, I have not registered yet and have time to prepare without trying to cram everything in right away. I’ve decided to ease back on my studying to allow more time for things like my blog, and am cutting back to an hour a day, with extra time on my days off as well.

Social: My roommate’s birthday was Monday, so we had a big football brunch on Sunday to celebrate (my roommate loves football). So many people came over and we had a really great day! Also school is back in session, so her son is back home, which means sit down dinners again and time spent talking to the kid ( in addition to the time I spend talking to his mom). These are all things I enjoy, but they also consume time, so I have to consider them when I am planning out my days.

Random: I am also still trying to build my website for my self-hosted blog. It is taking longer than anticipated, but I hope to be able to share it with you all soon (or at least before the end of the year). I joined an online dating site. I have a couple of friends who are using it… one chats with several guys every day, the other has already been on a date. I’ve gotten one very obscure, nonsensical message so far… oh well. And I’ve started a sort of virtual life coaching thing as well. My first task was to make a list of things that I am tolerating and to start eliminate them… it’s a pretty long list, but I have already eliminated 7 things and am working on more.

Really all of these things are great, it’s just that I am apparently terrible at managing my time! I am really working on that and will be posting here more frequently again!

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