So its been pretty difficult over the past week or so to not stress my injury. Even getting on and off the bus can cause pain. I’ve managed to send pain shooting through my calf on three separate occasions stepping on or off the bus since Friday. I honestly figured that I would be feeling better by now and that I would be ready to start walking again this week and that the extra week would just be insurance. Right now I wonder if I’ll be ready to walk again next week! I am trying to have patience and to give myself the time I need to heal, but I have to admit that I am getting a little stir crazy!

Obviously my original plan of 10 weeks of focused fitness before I go home for a visit had to be scrapped (or at least highly modified). I know that I am not going to hit my next goal before I see everyone from home, so I can changed my focus and am working on maintaining. With my activity level severely reduced, I am paying very close attention to my food intake and working on getting as much movement as I can (with modifications of course) in throughout the day. I stepped on the scale today and found that I am at the low-end of the range I have been bouncing between while plateaued, so that means things are working right now.

I am putting together a new plan, because really when do I not have a plan, that will take me through the end of the year. I want to gradually build my fitness back up to my normal level over the next 5 weeks (when I should hopefully be ok to start running), and then build up again from there. I think that I can make some great progress between now and the end of the year (15 weeks if you can believe that!), so that I can really take things to the next level in 2013~ with both my fitness and my blog!

So this week I’m:
1. Putting together a plan
2. Focusing on food~ eating cleaner
3. Allowing myself to heal
4. Finishing Coach Yourself to Success by Talane Meidaner
5. Researching web-hosts in preparation of making the jump to a self-hosted blog
6. Catching up on all of my blog reading and emails (I get so behind sometimes)

Let me know:
What are you doing this week?

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