Weekly Recap 9/8/12

This week the plan was to keep my workouts nice and easy to allow for me to heal from my injury. I started off still resting, then eased into my daily walks. Unfortunately I pushed a little too hard and ended up with a flare up of pain towards the end of my walk yesterday. My calf is still tender today and when I walk quickly I still feel pain. I will be moderating my workouts again next week and have to acknowledge that I will have to wait at least another week before I can really get my running program started.

In the past, I would have taken this injury as a sign that I shouldn’t be running and that I should just accept the status quo and live with it. Now however, I see it as a test of my determination. Do I really want to reach my goals or am I going to cave at the first sign of adversity? And I know that I really want to reach my goals. It may take a little longer to get where I want to be, but I will still get there… with or without this injury!

So here is my training for this week:

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest/ 15 minute stretch
Tuesday: 2.25 mile walk
Wednesday: 2.25 mile walk
Thursday: 5 mile walk
Friday: 4.5 mile walk
Saturday: Rest


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