Injury Update and Food Issues

First to update on my injury… I am feeling a lot better! I have been walking to work every day this week and have experienced minor twinges in calf, but nothing major, mostly when I’m walking uphill. In general, there is just a feeling of tightness in the affected calf. Today was the first time I walked both to work and home again and I am feeling fine tonight. I am a little nervous about resuming my running (re-starting? I only got the first day in before my injury took me out) next week, but I think that I should be fine. I plan to take it easy the first day or two to make sure, but overall think I am truly on the mend.

That was the good news! Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my eating habits lately. I know the primary reason I have been stuck on a plateau for so long is my eating. I have mentioned this before here on my blog. I have attempted to make loose menu plans and buy healthier food, but the truth of the matter is that I am eating too many processed foods and too much food in general in some cases. I really need to take control of the food that I am eating (and purchasing) if I am going to break through this plateau and keep losing weight. This week I really don’t have money to shop for groceries, so I will be finishing off the various processed foods that are living in my pantry. I will be working to make my meals as healthy as possible, but know that this week will not be the greatest (which is really what the last several weeks  months have been like anyway). During this time I will be putting together a detailed menu plan for all of my meals and snacks for the following week. I will be utilizing my food tracker (on Sparkpeople) to make sure that I am both staying within an appropriate calorie range and meeting my daily requirements for macronutrients when putting together these menus. I will then buy ONLY what is needed to prepare these meals and do all of the prep work immediately to ensure that I am eating what is on the plan. I am doing well with the fitness aspect of things, but I really need to get it together when it comes to food if I am going to meet my goals!!

How do you meet your food-related goals?

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