Training Topic~ Injuries

So a topic that has definitely been on my mind for the last week is injuries. After injuring my calf muscle and not being able to work out for several days, I have found that I am frustrated and a bit grumpy. I knew that I was used to working out almost every day and that I enjoyed it, but I didn’t realize just how much my mood relied on my daily walks.

I know that injuries need to be treated and rested in order to heal. Thankfully my injury was pretty minor (at least it appears so) and several days rest and massage seem to have done the trick. But it was really tempting to continue to exercise and push myself towards my goals. I wanted to keep walking, keep running and keep doing my strength and dvds. I thought about it, considered it, but knew that ultimately I would be doing myself a disservice and jeopardizing my goals (not to mention my health) by continuing to push through. Now that I am feeling better, I really want to just dive right back in, but I know that could mean re-injuring myself, or delay healing if I’m not completely healed yet. It’s really hard to make myself step back and ease myself back into my routine this week.

On the other hand, there is also a part of me that is afraid to jump back into my routine because I DON’T want to reinjure myself or aggravate my leg any further. I am afraid that I will push too hard and make things worse. I really don’t want to get completely derailed from my goals and the longer I’m injured, the higher the probability that I could backslide. I know that I need to keep moving forward and push through the fear, but the fear is there just the same.

How do you handle injuries?

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  1. Honestly, in the past I’ve always just pushed through them, regardless of pain, which is stupid, I know. That’s how I ended up with a stress fracture and having to take 10 weeks off exercise. Like you, my mood drops severely when i don’t exercise, but for me, it’s not just the exercise. It’s that not exercising leads to more hunger and cravings for junk. Exercise seems to curb those cravings. And when I eat too much or eat junk, it makes me sluggish and depressed. It’s a vicious cycle. :/

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