Happiness Is… {8/27/12}

This week I’m happy about a few different things…

1. Skyping with my parents! I do this every week, but just really have to love technology that allows my parents and I to see each other as we are talking each week! It makes me miss them a little less.

2. New walking shoes! I got my new walking shoes earlier this week.

The shoes are identical aside from all the mileage on the old pair!

3. Not being recognized! This one requires a little explanation… I was walking home from the store the other day when my roommate drove by. She didn’t realize it was me because I’ve “gotten so skinny!” It felt pretty good. I can only imagine what the people back home are going to say… my roommate sees me everyday, they haven’t seen me for a year and a half.

4. Fur-children! Between my roommate and I, we have a full house of fur-kids. They really help to bring the happy into every day!

How happy are you today?


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