Kittens, 12s & 100

An Odd title for a blog, I know, but kittens, 12s and 100 are just a few of the things that make me happy this week.

First, the number 100… On Sunday I posted my 100th post for this blog! My blog has evolved and grown and is still going through growing pains, but I think hitting my 100th post is a definite cause for happiness.

Next is 12s, as in size 12s that I wore to work, on the first day of TOM, while bloated and they fit perfectly!

Also making me smile is my new running shoes! I ordered them Thursday morning, received them Saturday afternoon! Now I just need to zero in on a running plan (blog to come) and get out there!

And the biggest thing that brought happiness to my life this week… kittens!! We are fostering 2 kittens for a week and a half and they are cuties! They are 4 months old and both girls. They have no fear and are very, very loving! Here are a few pictures…

What has brought you happiness this week?

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