Meal Planning 8/16/12

I kept my meal planning pretty simple for this week. Instead of planning out specifically what I would eat on each day, I planned a variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I can trade out throughout the week.

Yogurt w/granola
Scrambled eggs in a pita

Salad w/ hardboiled eggs and nuts
Hummus w/ veggies & pita

Homemade Bean Burritos
Steak w/ veggies
Tacos (w/ leftover steak)
Pasta w/ veggies
Chicken w/ veggies

Protein Shakes
Protein Bars

I discovered when tracking my food this week that I am still very low on protein most days, so I really need to focus on upping my protein consumption, even at the expense of adding a few extra calories each day. Since I am burning considerably more calories than originally estimated, I should probably adjust my calorie range anyway…


Here is what my shopping list looked like today:

Salad greens
Beans (for burritos)
Veggies (Bell pepper, cucumber, carrots)
Fruit (Apples, bananas, strawberries)
Almond milk

I walked to the grocery store that is about a mile from me to pick up my groceries today, though they unfortunately did not have a couple of the items ( hummus and the salsa I prefer), so I will need to try to pick those up tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. I was hoping to get them tonight, but my roommate was not able to drive me to the other store as originally planned, so I’ll try to get them and the other stuff I needed (non-grocery) tomorrow before work if I can… this will mean a VERY early morning and since its already past midnight could make for a very interesting day tomorrow since I have to be to work at 12, work until 9:30, wait until 10 for the bus and have to find time to not only shop but also get in a cardio workout (my walk to work doesn’t count, even though its 2 miles it doesn’t work my body like a workout should). Add that to the fact that I am already cranky due to TOM and I might not be the best person to be around tomorrow!

Anyway, I was hoping to have pictures to accompany this blog tonight, but forgot to take them (oops) so will make sure that next week I will have the pictures to go along with the menu plan and shopping list!

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