Training Topic~ Shoes

So, yet another potential new feature is Tuesday Training Topics, where I will talk about a different aspect (or accessory) of training in my life and possibly ask for ideas and input from all of you…

This week I want to talk about shoes, mainly because I will be ordering some new shoes on Thursday as soon as I get paid. I am a big believer in having the right tools for the job, and that definitely includes a good quality pair of shoes that fit the needs of the activity. I have been a walker for a long time and have always believed in wearing shoes specifically designed for walking as I am putting in a lot of miles on them. I have also owned a few pair of cross-trainers for various other activities. Now, for the first time, I will be purchasing a pair of shoes specifically for running!

When I first started walking, back in my 20s, I generally used Reeboks, but several years ago I fell in love with the New Balance brand. My last few pair of walking shoes (including both my current pairs) and my last pair of cross trainers have all been New Balance. In fact, I love the brand so much, my work shoes are even a casual pair of New Balance!

 (work shoes)

I currently own 2 pair of walking shoes, my primary pair and a backup pair. I absolutely LOVE my primary pair, they fit perfectly, are super light and I feel really great even after long walks. The fact that they are pink and a portion of the proceeds on them supports the Komen foundation are bonuses! I love these shoes so much that I am ordering an identical pair from Amazon.

As you can probably tell from the wear patterns, these shoes have a lot of miles on them. They are still in great condition, construction-wise, but are definitely showing their age in the wear patterns on the soles and the lack of cushioning under the balls of my feet now.

My backup pair don’t have quite as many miles on them. While they are still great shoes and fit really well, I don’t love them quite as much as my pink pair. These have a wider toe box and are a littler heavier than my primary pair, but are still a great all around walking shoe. I tend to wear these for shorter walks and much less frequently.


And now its time (past time really) to get some running shoes. One of my biggest excuses for not running when I was trying to start running this year was that I didn’t have the proper shoes. I would wear my lighter walking shoes on the rare occasions that I did some running, but I knew that I really wanted a proper pair of running shoes, since the construction is different. It should come as no surprise that my choice for running shoes is again from New Balance! These are the beauties that I will be getting:




Do you have a favorite brand of athletic shoe?


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  1. I loved my New Balance shoes, but they ended up causing a lot of problems for me, including this stress fracture now. Actually, I now no longer know if it was the shoes that caused the problem, or if the problem had already started right before I got them and that they just didn’t help it. They were the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, and I was sad to give them up. The new shoes I got in February fixed the pain right away, though, so I dismissed the NB shoes. Two months later, though, the pain came back, and when I visited a different running store, they told me that because of the way I’m walking, any shoe I get will start hurting after about 2 months when I have a chance to break in the side to accomodate my right foot rolling. I don’t know if the NB shoes caused me to walk that way, or if I had just started to before getting them and they just accommodated it now. ?? Either way, my current shoes are terrible, but I’m not allowed to get new ones until I see a podiatrist and get orthodics to prevent my foot from rolling sideways…

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