Happiness 8/13/12

This is another potential new feature for the blog… sharing my happiness from the past week. I think Monday is the perfect day to do this since so many people associate Mondays with bad days (end of the weekend, return to work). So let’s perk those Monday’s up with some smiles!

So what made me smile this week??

1. Spending the afternoon with my friend Jeff and watching the Dark Knight Rises. I hadn’t seen Jeff in over a month, so it was wonderful to see him and the movie was awesome.

2. Going grocery shopping. You wouldn’t think this would be something that would be exciting, but considering how bare our cupboards were and that this was the first time I could really splurge on groceries in a really long time, it was a lot of fun!

3. Buying my tickets for my trip home. The fact that the tickets are bought and paid for makes the trip real! It’s not just a wish and a dream any more, I am really going home to see my parents and my boys! It’s still 10 weeks away, but now I have a goal to work towards and something exciting to prepare for along the way!

What are your moments of happiness from the past week?


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