This Week I’m…

I am trying some new things with my blog this week… some of the ideas that I’ve tried in the past are good and have stuck around (Photo Walks & Friday 5’s) but others have sort of petered out and not really gone anywhere. So I want to try some new things and see if they stick, if not, I’m flexible and will continue to change things up until I find what will work for me and still be interesting to any readers I might have out there!

So one of the things I want to try is a sort of overview of the things that I am doing (watching, reading, listening to, etc) each week… so here we go!

This week I’m…

Netflix~ How I Met Your Mother. I’m on Season 3 and have really gotten into the show. I don’t know how I missed it before, except that I really don’t watch a lot of television. I average about 1 episode per day right now.
DVD~ The Bourne Trilogy. To prepare myself for The Bourne Legacy which just opened in theaters. I love Matt Damon and really enjoyed the first 3 Bourne movies.
Theater~ The Bourne Legacy. Hopefully I’ll be making it to the theater to see this some time this week. I work downstairs from the movie theater, so I should be able to make this happen! Of course I love Jeremy Renner as well!

Fiction~ Deep Waters by Jayne Ann Krentz. One of my favorite authors.
Nonfiction~ Coach Yourself to Success by Talane Miedaner
Magazine~ Whole Living (my favorite!).
Blog~ Carrots ‘n Cake


Listening to:
Miranda Lambert. I enjoy all of her CDs, though her newest release Four the Record is my current favorite.

Projects~ Organizing my closet! Its pretty small and needs to be cleaned and organized desperately. I especially need to clear out all of the clothes that no longer fit (ie too big!). Here’s evidence of how bad it is:


What are you doing this week?



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