Friday 5~ Smiles

I am feeling pretty good right now, so I decided to focus my Friday 5 this week on the things that are making me smile…

1. The weather! Summer has finally arrived in Seattle and we have been having some beautiful weather. There are still the occasional days of rain and some cloudy skies in the morning, but the weather has been warm and sunny most days lately. This certainly helps to cheer me up!! Coming from Southern California, I am used to a lot more sunshine than I usually see up here, so I try to soak in the days we have sun!! Of course the milder temperatures are nice too, 80 degree weather beats 100 degree weather any day!

2. My fitness focus! I had kind of drifted away from focusing on my fitness and even after several false starts still hadn’t recaptured my momentum through June and July. But now that we are in August, I am focused and doing well with my strength routines and am working on reinvigorating my cardio as well. I am still walking to and from work every day, but really don’t count this as cardio any more since my body has adapted to it, so I am adding additional cardio into my days most of the week.

3.  Books, books and more books! Life got in the way back in June and I really didn’t read all that much, but since the start of July I have been back on track and reading like crazy. I have always been a bookworm and I LOVE books, not just reading, but the books themselves. There is something about holding a book in my hands that just makes me feel so at peace. As you have gathered from my other posts, I have wide and varied taste in books. While there are topics or plots that really don’t hold my interest, I still love all books, just for the sake that they are books. Needless to say I do not have a nook or kindle or other eReader and do all of my reading the old-fashioned way!

4. Stabilizing finances! While I am still making quite a bit less than in my last position (and even slightly less than I did while unemployed), my finances are starting to improve and things are smoothing out in such a way that I am able to afford some extras in my life again (and ensure that I eat all month rather than having 2 weeks where a dinner of popcorn was a strong possibility). Already I have been able to get a new belt and shoes for work, as well as some smaller pants. I have budgeted new walking and running shoes plus my study materials for my ACE Personal Trainer Certification into this month’s budget (in addition to the awesomeness that is reason #5 for smiling). And it feels really good to finally be in a place where I can breathe and not worry about coming up with enough money to cover the rent each month.

5. And my biggest reason to smile right now: I’m going home!!! I mentioned this briefly before, but this is a 100% reality now! I will be purchasing my plane tickets next week and will be going home in 81 days!! I will be in San Diego for about a week and will be staying with my parents and spending time with them. Plus I will be spending the weekend that I am down there with my boys… in Las Vegas! Strangely a trip to Vegas for the weekend is actually cheaper than visiting Disneyland, which was the other option. But I know that its going to be amazing, just because I get to spend time with the four people I have been missing the most for the last year and a half!! (I’ve missed my brother a lot too, but I’ve gotten to see him a few times). So now I am counting down the days and making plans (aside from Vegas, that is 100% in Jeremy’s hands a first for me because I am an obessive planner!).

What makes you smile?


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