Friday 5~ Fears

This week I want to get a little serious for my Friday Five and talk about the things that scare me…

1. I think the first one is pretty obvious and that’s the fear of losing someone that I love. I think pretty much all of us have this fear. For me it became bigger after I moved to Washington because there is the added element of never seeing the people I love again because most of them live so far away from me.

2. Another really big fear for me is going back to my old lifestyle. It’s especially hard for me now with this injury, because I don’t want to revert to my sedentary, couch potato life before I became really active. This also means not reverting to the hermit I used to be as well. I am enjoying my life now, much more active and social and so much happier and healthier overall, but there is a lingering fear that the old, lazier me will resurface and take back over.

3. Another fear I have is of dying alone. As I get older, I reflect on the choices that I have made, and sometimes I worry that by never marrying, I have set myself up to be alone when I’m older. While there is still definitely a possibility that I will marry or at least end up in a lasting relationship, I worry that when I am old, I will have no one. Right now I have my parents and my brother as well as some good friends, but what if I never find someone to share my life with?

4. This one is a fear that anyone who knows me will already know… I am terrified of any and all reptiles… yes this includes lizards and geckos and iguanas. I freak out when I see them, especially snakes! I don’t even like to look at pictures of snakes! My fear is completely irrational and is actually what keeps me from hiking more often (and camping). I love that the weather is generally too cold in the PNW for snakes to thrive, though sadly I have seen a few since moving to Washington (not since I moved to Seattle though, knock wood!).

5. Finally, I am afraid that I am not good enough… not as a blogger, as a friend, as a future personal trainer/ weight loss coach, as a sales associate, as a person in general. I feel a lot of the time that I let people down, or that they give so much more than I am able to. I guess its more a fear of disappointing people. I want to be the best person I can be, and I try to be that person, but a lot of the time I just don’t think its enough, and I am afraid that people are going to see this and just leave.


Disabled List

Yes, unfortunately, I am on the disabled list. While walking home on Sunday night I experienced a sharp and lingering pain in my left calf muscle. I was only about halfway home, but continued the rest of the way, figuring it would work itself out. I was a little sore the rest of the day, but nothing too bad. On Monday, I walked to work and had a few twinges of pain, but nothing too bad. That evening I had some soreness, but again nothing too bad. Tuesday included a run, after which I was very sore. At this point I figured I was just experiencing some muscle soreness and that it would work itself out.

I walked to work again on Wednesday and again had some twinges of pain, plus experienced soreness throughout the day at work. After I arrived home Wednesday night, my calf was extremely painful and I tried heat and massage to work out the muscle. This morning (Thursday), I again walked to work. I was in so much pain I had to admit that the issue with my calf was more that just simple muscle soreness and that I indeed have an injury. I experienced minor pain in my calf all day while working and extreme pain when I walked to the bank after work. Needless to say, I took the bus home this evening rather than try to walk the 2 miles.

While I am disappointed that I am going to need to ease off my workouts for a while, I do not want to injure myself seriously, so I know that I need to give myself some time to heal from whatever is going on. I am hoping that this is simple a muscle strain or pinched nerve and not something worse. At this point my calf is painful when my foot is flexed and when walking normally. It is tender and sore to the touch as well on the inner portion of my upper calf.

Tomorrow I will be doing no lower body work or cardio to give my leg a chance to rest. I am off work tomorrow (Friday), Sunday and Monday, so will be able to completely rest my leg on those days. While I work on Saturday and will be on my feet all day, I will be taking the bus to and from work so that I am not stressing my leg any more. I will reassess on Tuesday to see if there is any improvement. If there is, I will resume my walking program and look at reintroducing running. If there is no improvement, I will be making an appointment with my doctor to see if there is a more serious underlying issue. I am obviously hoping that things will be better by Tuesday.

I have been pushing really hard the last couple of weeks because I really want to break this plateau I am on and reach my next goal by the time I go home for a visit (8 weeks & 10 lbs), so its really hard for me to step back, but I know that my overall health is more important than this short-term goal, so giving myself a chance to heal is the right decision.

How do you respond when you have an injury?

Training Topic~ Crossfit??

Crossfit has become very big in the fitness world. I had honestly never heard about it before this year, but several of the bloggers I follow are all into Crossfit. Then it started showing up more and more on Twitter and Pinterest, and suddenly I was wondering what the hype was all about… then deciding that Crossfit was definitely NOT for me.

But what did I base this decision on? Was I intimidated by the exercises that I saw everyone posting and figuring I could never master them? Was it the blisters on people’s hands? Was is laziness or not wanting to put out the effort? Was it concern about the cost? The commitment? The Paleo lifestyle? Or was it really just the one thing that I am trying to overcome… fear?

So I decided to open myself up to the possibility of Crossfit and do some more research on it. Not only is Crossfit scalable to different fitness levels, but you can also perform the workouts at home. In reading various blogs about Crossfit, I have seen a lot of different equipment mentioned, but its nice to know that a lot of the workouts can be done without equipment.

Does this change my opinion about it? I’m not sure… I am still definitely intimidated, but I am at least open to the possibility of trying some of the workouts in the future. Right now I am focusing on my running program and don’t want to try to change too many things at one time, but down the road I might give Crossfit a try.

What do you think? Have you tried Crossfit, would you? And if you do Crossfit, how has it enriched your life? I really want to know!

Happiness Is… {8/27/12}

This week I’m happy about a few different things…

1. Skyping with my parents! I do this every week, but just really have to love technology that allows my parents and I to see each other as we are talking each week! It makes me miss them a little less.

2. New walking shoes! I got my new walking shoes earlier this week.

The shoes are identical aside from all the mileage on the old pair!

3. Not being recognized! This one requires a little explanation… I was walking home from the store the other day when my roommate drove by. She didn’t realize it was me because I’ve “gotten so skinny!” It felt pretty good. I can only imagine what the people back home are going to say… my roommate sees me everyday, they haven’t seen me for a year and a half.

4. Fur-children! Between my roommate and I, we have a full house of fur-kids. They really help to bring the happy into every day!

How happy are you today?


This week I’m….

Nonfiction: A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg

Fiction: The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Magazine: Experience Life

Blog: Becoming the Odd Duck

Netflix: Weeds

DVD: The Harry Potter series

Listening to:
Invisibly Shaken by Rodney Atkins


Last Week: Pantry… its much better, though will always appear pretty cluttered since its so small.

This week: Bookcases!

My bookcases seem to be the catchall of everything in my room (and yes, those are all of my supplements). Plus I still have my old textbooks and stuff hanging out. I want to get them cleaned up and organized this week!

What are you listening to?

This Week’s Workouts {8/25/12}

This week I shifted around my workouts a bit and didn’t get in as much cardio as I wanted, but still knocked out my strength training. Here’s a breakdown of the week:

Sunday: Walk 4.5 miles

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Cardio DVD 45 mins; Dance 30 mins; Strength (Full Body) 45 minutes

Wednesday: Walk 4.5 miles

Thursday: Walk 4.5 miles

Friday: Walk .5 miles; Strength (Full Body) 45 minutes

Saturday: Walk 2.25 miles

While I only did 2 strength training sessions this week, I still did the same amount of time and exercises as last week, I just combined them together.

Here is a sample of some of the exercises I completed for strength training:

Lower Body:
Forward Lunges
Wide leg Squats
Calf Raises
Lying Adduction
Lying Abduction

Upper Body:
Biceps Curls
Triceps Extensions
Bench Push-ups
Chest Flies
Weighted Jabs & Crosses
Bent-over Rows

Oblique Crunches
Reverse Crunches

I definitely prefer body weight exercises over machines, though I do use hand weights and resistance bands as well.

Do you prefer body weight exercises or machines for strength training?

Friday Five~ International Travel

So we’ve covered the places in the US that I would like to travel to, now on to the places outside the US…

1. Ireland. I am part Irish on my mother’s side of the family and I have always wanted to travel to Ireland, specifically Dublin and Shannon.

2. Italy. I am in love with Italian food and the history and romance that is Italy. Specifically, I would like to see Rome for the history and Tuscany for the romance.

3. Paris. The pastries and museums alone make this a dream place to travel to, plus Euro Disney!

4.  Australia. Specifically Sydney… though I would like to be brave enough to embrace the Outback as well, but at this point, I am not that brave.

5. A tie between Hong Kong or Tokyo… basically for the Disney theme parks there!

Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?

Menu Plan {8/23/12}

Well, I didn’t do a great job of actually following my meal plan last week, aside from lunches. I discovered that I need to do a bit more prep work for dinners ahead of time since when I get home I’m usually tired and hungry and don’t want to have to do all the prep work for cooking dinner. With breakfasts its more that I don’t wake up early enough, so I need something light and easy (and quick) in the mornings. With these adjustments in mind… here’s my menu plan for this week:

Breakfasts: yogurt w/ granola OR energy bar w/ almond milk

Lunches: Salads w/ fruit and pita w/ hummus or cheese OR leftovers

Dinners: Burrito; Taco; Steak, Soup OR Chili with vegetables and quinoa or brown rice

There are a lot of similarities between this week’s menu and last week’s because I still have the stuff I purchased to make some of the meals. This week, however, I will be doing the prep work beforehand to make sure that I stay on track with my menu plan and don’t just grab something because its fast (microwave popcorn).

Grocery List:

Salad Greens
Bell Peppers
Pita Bread
Shredded Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Brown Rice