Friday 5~ Goals

Its time for another Friday 5! This week I decided to share 5 goals that I have for the remainder of 2012…

1. Prepare for my ACE Personal Trainer certification (which I hope to complete in early 2013). I should be ordering my study materials in mid to late August and am very excited! Once I receive my materials, I will share more about the program and my prep for the exam!

2. Go home. I have some plans in the works for a trip home and I cannot wait! At this point nothing is finalized yet, but I should have more details very soon!


3. Run a 5k. Yes, I was supposed to have already completed this goal earlier in the year, but things didn’t exactly go as planned, but its time to get my running program back on track!

4. Re-shape my body. I will be putting a lot of focus on strength training for the balance of 2012 and am hoping to make some progress in reshaping my body. Now that I have taken off a significant amount of weight (46 lbs), I want to start to work on some serious muscle definition.


5. Transition and grow my blog. I mentioned before that I want to transition to a self-hosted blog, this is definitely still a goal, as well as becoming a better blogger and growing my readership. I know I have a lot of room for improvement at this point!



What are your goals for the 2nd half of 2012?

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