Friday 5 Returns

My blog has been a bit out of whack since the craziness of June, but I am trying to get things back into a groove this week and moving forward. One of my favorite things on the blog has been my Friday 5s and I definitely want to get back to doing these every week. I invite all of you to suggest topics that you would like me center these posts around.

Today’s 5 is a list of things that I have purchased this week:

1. A mirror for my bedroom. The only mirror in my room before was the one over the sink in the bathroom, and with the configuration of the shelf and mirror, I could only see myself from the neck up. While this is fine for washing my face or putting on makeup, it makes it difficult to see how a complete outfit looks or to snap pictures of myself for progress. So today I picked up a mirror that will show much more of me!

2. A pair of size 12 pants. I mentioned that I had accidentally picked up a pair of size 10 pants that didn’t quite fit yet. I decided today to go ahead and get the size 12 pair as well… and they do fit! SO I am officially in a size 12, a size I can’t remember wearing since high school!

3. Coconut Manna. This is basically a coconut oil, but its a little more coconut and a little less oil. It works really great in smoothies, so I picked it up to add to my protein shake. smoothies that I’m enjoying for breakfast a few times a week. This will give me some heart healthy fats as well as a little more substance in the mornings

4. A new weekly planner. First of all, I should note that I LOVE office supplies and go crazy when the back to school sales start showing up at Target. I always used this as an excuse to stock up on everything from pens to rubberbands to composition books… not to mention the entire rainbow of Sharpie markers. I managed to contain myself to 2 packages of index cards and the planner. I intend to use the planner to monitor my 42nd Year Project… and since it runs from August 2012 to July 2013, its perfect for that purpose!

5. Miniature Candy Bars. I love chocolate and feel that it can have a place in daily life when taken in moderation. I find that when I have chocolate on hand at home, I don’t crave it and am content (for the most part) to have one miniature candy bar a day as a treat. Since they are miniature, I keep the calorie impact low, but am still able to satisfy my sweet tooth. Today I picked up 2 favorites… York Peppermint Patties and Peanut Butter Snickers.

I also bought other things like supplements that I was running low on, snacks and lunches for the next week and a new work shirt, but these were the highlights… at least in my opinion!

What fun things have you purchased lately?

What topics would you like me to feature on future Friday 5s?


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