41 is the New 21

So, now that I am 41 I have been reflecting on my life… where I’ve been and where I’m headed. I decided that my motto for this year would be “41 is the new 21.” Now many people automatically associate 21 with drinking and partying, but I associate is more to a passion for life. And I definitely need more passion in my life… in all ways.

I have been trying to pinpoint when I lost my passion for life, and really I think it happened when I was still pretty young, like around 19. I gave up on a lot of my dreams around that time and have really not been passionate about anything since then. There have been brief sparks here and there over the years when something has caught my attention for a short time, but there hasn’t been a great love of life for me in a long while. I want to fix that.

So this year I really want to focus on finding my passion again. I want to explore my interests and chase my dreams. I want to meet people and open myself up to the possibilities that exist, rather than closing myself off. I want to get out of my room and into the world, stop being a hermit and start being a traveler. Basically, I want to grab life and shake it until all of the fun and romance and excitement falls into my arms.

It won’t be easy, because essentially I am an introvert and I have been closed off from people (especially men) for so many years. It may hurt a little to open myself up, but I know that I need to if I want to really start living my life rather than just existing from day-to-day. I will probably need people to hold me accountable as well, so if you’re reading this, hold me to it! If you know me in real life or on another social medium, ask me what I’ve been doing to open myself up more. If you haven’t seen a blog post that talks about something new, exciting or passionate… remind me to get off my rear and get out there and live! Drag me out the door if you have to! I am not getting any younger, and I still want it all, so now is the time for me to get out there and grab it!

What fills your life with passion and purpose?


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