So if you’ve read my blog before, or know me in the virtual world on Twitter, Facebook or Sparkpeople (or even know me in the real world), you should know that I am a huge cat lover. I have my own 4-year-old kitty, Disney, who has been featured here on the blog before, plus my roommates 3 boys. This past weekend we also played host to a trio of adorable kittens.

My roommate is a Vet Asst and used to work for a local shelter (Paws in Lynnwood, WA While she no longer works at the shelter, she still volunteers as a foster for kittens and doggies. In the time that we have been roommates, we have had an older, harder to adopt dog come stay with us, as well as an adorable Akita puppy. There was also a kitten who stayed overnight, but it was during a time that I wasn’t home much, so I never actually even saw it.

But this time I got to bask in the glory of playing with these three little darlings from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.

There was the tiny, friendly one who was the first to run out of the crate whenever we opened the door.

The adorable short-haired one who was also super tiny… even her tail was miniature sized!

And the shy one, who was actually the biggest of the three but hung back and stayed away from the humans a bit.

The kittens all were named by the shelter, but I never knew their names, so I gave them my own names… Mischief, Pixie and Cinders.

I wanted to keep them all, but I knew I really couldn’t. We already have 4 adult cats, a dog and a 12-year old boy living with us, adding 3 kittens to the mix on a permanent basis would be way too much.

But I did make sure to get some private snuggle time with each of them before they went back to the shelter.

Cinders, the shy one (she didn’t want to look at the camera).



I was really sad to see them go on Sunday, but I have my memories of a great weekend with them… at lots of pictures!! Here’s my favorite picture of the weekend to close out:

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