Birthday Celebrations

In honor of my birthday, I took a few days off work to enjoy myself and celebrate me. My official birthday weekend kicked off at 5pm on Thursday afternoon.

Once I finished work, I spent the evening running some errands. I picked up a much-needed pair of shoes for work, then got a new set of ear buds, a belt to hold up my too-big pants and a new pair of pants for work. I hate trying on clothes in the store, so I picked up what I thought was a pair of size 12 pants, knowing that I should be close to fitting into them now. After I got home I tried on the pants and was disappointed to discover that while I could fit into them, they were definitely too tight to wear right now. I was a little discouraged, thinking I hadn’t come as far as I’d thought until I realized that I had actually bought a pair of size 10 pants that were on the wrong hanger. I decided to keep them as I should be wearing them soon!

Friday, my roommate picked up the kittens we were fostering, so I spent lots of time taking pictures and playing with them. We also ran a few errands, and I picked up some cat food and some peppermint foot scrub from The Body Shoppe. We also went to Red Robin for lunch to get my free birthday burger.

Saturday was spent playing with the kittens most of the day. In between kitten-time, I also did a lot of reading. That night we went out to Oliver’s Twist, a little bar near our place that has an awesome vibe and great drinks. A couple of friends met us there, and we all had a blast. I enjoyed a few (or 5) Giles and the grilled cheese sandwich plus kale and some gelato. It was a really great evening and a terrific way to kick off my actual birthday.

Sunday was my actual birthday. The day started with my roommate taking me out for breakfast and then for a mani/pedi.

I of course had my nails done in my signature color of pink and went with a really bright (neon) shade for summer.

After our pampering, we hit the theater to see Magic Mike


It was the perfect, fun movie to see for a celebration.

Next we came home, I skyped with my parents, read all of the birthday greetings I received on Facebook and Sparkpeople, then took a nap. Later in the day we took the kittens back to the shelter and hit the grocery store to pick up something for dinner and grab some yogurt and granola for my breakfasts this week.

My weekend ended with a call from my boys, which really cheered me up. I hadn’t talked to them in forever and I have really been missing them!

All in all my birthday weekend was pretty great… aside from the weather! After 10 days of sunshine it decided to thunderstorm and send torrential rain our way on Friday, then continued to rain on Saturday and Sunday. Ironically it was sunny again on Monday when I returned to work, thanks Seattle!



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