July Week 1

So now we’re a week into July, has it been a better month so far than June? In most ways yes it has. The sun finally came out in Seattle on the 4th and we have had several days of beautiful warm (almost hot) weather.  It’s supposed to continue into this week as well. I am hoping that it will hold through next weekend, but we’ll see.

My July challenge is going pretty well. I am getting in lots of walking, though since I have been working the late shift most days, I haven’t been getting the round trip walk, just one way. I have blogged more, though not quite up to the 5 days a week that I set as my goal. And most days I’ve been eating my breakfast, drinking my water and taking my supplements. So overall, off to a good start there as well.

Another plus to the month so far is my promotion at work. Unfortunately this means that we are short one person until a new full-time associate is hired, but it means that I got a 10% raise and more guaranteed hours. After having been in management for so many years, its been really strange, and in some ways difficult, to have just been a sales associate for the last 10 months. Even with my promotion, I am nowhere near the level of responsibility or pay that I once enjoyed. But I am thankful to be working after being unemployed for so long, so I really can’t complain.

July hasn’t been all good, but no month ever is. There have been some losses in the lives of people close to me. I have been much happier for the most part this month, but have had my moments of loneliness and frustration. Money is really stressing me out right now, but hopefully things will improve a lot in that area soon with my new pay rate.

All in all I am looking forward to another good week this week and hopefully some celebrating next weekend…

I just want to end this post by saying Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!

What have you been doing in July?


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