Friday 5~ Birthday Wishes

Its been a while since I’ve posted a Friday 5, so I want to definitely get back to that this week. A friend asked me yesterday what I wanted for my birthday and I kind of laughed and said nothing really, but in truth if money were no object and I could dream big, there are a few things that I would love for my birthday. Of course I don’t expect any of these things, I’m just wishing out loud (or in print as it were).

1. A trip home to San Diego. I would give just about anything for this one! I know that I’ve mentioned it several times, but really this is the top of my wish list right now. I would love to see my parents and my boys (seeing my boys is a pipe dream in itself, but that’s for another blog), go to the zoo, walk the boardwalk at Mission Beach, eat really great Mexican food, etc.

2. The textbooks and study materials for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification. I really want to start preparing for this certification and the only thing holding me back right now is the expense. Even with my promotion (more on this later), there is no way I could afford the full program and even just the study manuals are $200, so some serious saving is necessary for this one.


3. New clothes. Mostly because nothing really fits any more! I don’t really want to invest in an entirely new wardrobe right now because I am still losing, but I only have one pair of pants that fit well though they are starting to get too loose now as well. Plus I really need some new work shirts now that I am working more often. Also none of my summer clothes fit any more… even the shorts that were too tight before are baggy on me now and all of my capris are falling down.


4. Running Shoes. Really good ones, plus I also need a new pair of walking shoes because mine are starting to wear down (they do have a lot of miles on them) and some new shoes for work… maybe even more than one pair so I could alternate them.

5. Pampering. The whole works, mani/pedi, massage, hair cut/ color and facial. I haven’t had anything done remotely pampering in over a year. Its been a while since I’ve even given myself a pedicure, let alone had a professional one… and it would be really nice to just feel super girly.


I feel kind of bad writing this list, it makes me feel a little selfish even though I am not asking anyone to actually give me any of this stuff, just articulating some of the things that I wish for most right now. I am totally grateful and appreciative of all of the amazing things that I do have in my life.

If you could have one thing you wish for right now, what would it be?


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