I have been reading a lot of blog posts today from people sharing their celebrations from the 4th of July. I realized yesterday as I was walking home from work that I have really given up celebrating holidays since moving to Seattle. To be honest, I haven’t celebrated 4th of July since I was a child, except for last year when the friends I was living with threw a big party with fireworks and the whole shebang. So missing out on barbeques and fireworks yesterday really wasn’t a big deal. But other holidays are more so…

There are some holidays that I have never really celebrated, like New Year’s. I have not been to a New Year’s Eve party since I was a kid… and I only remember one from my childhood, but there might have been more. And I really don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day, mostly because I am and always have been single. Other holidays like Veteran’s Day and things like that don’t usually involve celebrations for me either.

But then there are the holidays that I have always loved and just don’t feel much like celebrating on my own. Like Christmas… Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday (falling closely behind my birthday) and this past year I spent it alone watching Harry Potter movies. And Easter… I am big into Easter baskets and stuffed bunnies, but my last 2 Easters have included neither. My first Easter in Washington was completely uneventful, my second included a vastly entertaining dinner with my roommate’s family.

And then there is the big holiday, for me at least, coming up in just over a week… my birthday. Last year, my best friend took me out to dinner on my birthday, then we went to Las Vegas a week later to celebrate both of our birthdays. This year, I really don’t know. I had requested 4 days off work for a long weekend, hoping that I might be able to find a way to go home, but that didn’t happen. Now we are going to be incredibly short-handed at work, so my 4 days has turned to 3 and I may end up working more that weekend as well. My roommate was talking about getting everyone together for drinks the night before, but so far everyone has been pretty non-committal (by everyone I mean the 4 friends I have in Washington), so it might end up just being me and Joanna, but I don’t know…

I guess it’s the holidays that are really the hardest for me as far as this whole move to Washington is concerned. I am so used to being really close to my family and sharing the holidays with them and my boys, but now I haven’t seen my parents or my boys in over a year (15 months). I have seen my brother in that time at least, I even saw him last week, but I still don’t see him for holidays either. I miss them all everyday, but the holidays seem the worst. I know it will get better with time and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to at least get home for a visit.

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