A New Month…

June was not the best of months for me, so I was really glad to say goodbye to it this weekend and focus in on a new month, one of my favorite months of the year! July is full of so many wonderful things… fireworks, sunshine (usually), picnics, ice cream and of course, my birthday!

I decided that I wanted to do another challenge this month, even though last month’s challenge really flopped. I decided to go a little easier on myself this time and to shift my focus around a little. I divided this challenge into 3 parts: fitness, food and personal and have a couple of goals in each category.

Walk 20+ miles per week (this equals to and from work, 5 days)
Do at least 2 additional cardio workouts per week
Do 2 strength sessions per week
Stretch daily

The walking I am already doing, though I don’t always walk home on the nights I close. Everything else I need to get better at, especially the stretching!

Drink my water, at least 64 oz per day
Take my supplements
Eat breakfast
Have at least 2 freggie servings daily

Most days I’m good with my water, but there are days that I just don’t drink enough. And while I have gotten much better with breakfast, I still need to make myself eat it every day. I know the freggie goal is pretty low, but right now, it’s a good goal for me because while I am bringing fresh produce into my house every week, I sometimes struggle to actually eat it.

Blog regularly (at least 5 days per week)
Read at least 30 minutes daily
Complete one project per week

I know that I feel better when I meditate, but haven’t been doing it for a while. I’m not very good at it, but just sitting in calmness helps me to focus better and be less stressed, so I really need to bring meditation back into my daily life. As far as blogging, I love to blog, but somehow completely went off the internet in the month of June for extended periods of time and I really don’t know why. I know from last month that its difficult for me to blog every single day, but I should be able to post a blog most days of the week. I only completed 2 books in June and both of those were at the end of the month, because while I was not on the internet, I was also not reading! So I am getting back to reading every night before bed at least and trying to read on my lunch breaks and various other times during the day. Finally, I have several projects that need to be completed around the house, so I want to focus on completing one project each week this month.

So those are my major goals for July, though I still have my big year-long project that I am planning to start mid-month (my birthday). I am tossing around titles for what to call it, but the one that seems to be sticking is “My 42nd Year” since it will essentially be running from my 41st birthday to my 42nd. I’ll blog more about this project as we get closer to the start date.

What are your goals for July?

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