Every once in a while I have a month that just goes incredibly awry. I really don’t know why, but every 6 months or so I seem to have a month where I just can’t get it together, and June has definitely been one of those months. I am not saying that June has been bad in any way, I have had a lot of fun, discovered some new guilty pleasures, had some great workouts, lost weight and read some great books. But, I have also been incredibly distracted and have not focused on my goals as I should be. I have spent hardly any time on the internet in June, which means that I have not been interacting with many of my friends in the blog world or on Spark. I am behind on the blogs that I read and have not been posting to my own blog as I had hoped I would. And we really won’t talk about how far I am away from reaching my June challenge goals!

But really, that’s ok. I am allowed to have an off month every so often, especially when I am still making forward progress in the big things. The month is almost over, I am working on getting my focus back in line and making plans for July… not only a challenge for the month, but also my big year-long project that I want to kick off after my birthday. For the rest of June I am going to focus on getting back online each day to go through my emails, read blogs and post. I will also be preparing for my new challenge and project that are coming up soon. Plus I’ll be making plans for my birthday weekend… anyone want to join me in my celebrations??


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