Challenge Update

Needless to say with the way my month has gone so far, I am not as far as I was expecting to be in my June Challenge. The good news though is that there is still time to pull things out and make some real progress working towards my goals.

Here is where things currently stand:

Blogging 7/30= 23%

Breakfast 14/30= 47%

Mileage 30.5/100= 30%

Squats 290/1000= 29%

Crunches 250/1000= 25%

Pushups 210/1000= 21%

Gym classes 0/5= 0%

So on the whole, even though we are halfway through the month, I am only 25% of the way to my goal. I really need to turn things up over the next 2 weeks in order to hit at least 80%!

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