Saturday Challenge Update 6/2

Ok, I know it’s actually Sunday, but the day got away from me a bit yesterday and I am late with my update and tracking information for my June Challenge. It’s a good thing I’m shooting for 80% since I’ve already missed a day blogging.

I started my June Challenge on Friday and will be keeping you updated on my progress every Saturday. I considered several different methods for tracking my progress on this challenge, from Excel spreadsheets to online calendars, but decided in the end to go with the good old-fashioned method…

I have found in the past that if I make an elaborate spreadsheet or something like that on the computer, that I am more inclined to use it if I print it out. Since my printer has been acting up lately (read: not working), I decided to simply use a planning calendar that I’ve had all year to track my progress.

For each day, I am checking whether or not I eat breakfast, blog and go to the gym. I am also tracking the number of miles completed for the day as well as the number of reps completed for the strength exercises, plus a running tally for the month.

So where am I after 2 days of June?

Breakfast~ 2 days~ 100%
Blog~ 1 day~ 50%
Mileage~ 0~ 0%
Reps~ 60~ 90%
Gym~ 0~ 0%
Overall~ 48%

I am behind where I expected to be so far, especially in mileage, but I am still confident that I will make all of my goals for this challenge! I’ll be picking up a lot of mileage in the next several days, which will put me back on track.

Are you meeting your challenges this month?

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