Wednesday Walks~ Week 5

This is my 5th week of doing my Wednesday photo blogs from my walks during the week, and I am still loving them so I hope you are too! I have gotten in the habit of carrying my camera with me whenever I take off on my walk or if I head out anywhere new so I can share my photos with all of you.

Here are the highlights from this week:


I am still working on getting pictures of all of the different flowering trees while they are still in bloom. I see this one in several places along my walks, though sometimes they are pretty small and look like bushes.


These beauties are not only gorgeous but also unique along my walk, I don’t see them anywhere but this one garden. The picture really does not do them justice, but they are large, bright red with black. They just started blooming this week and I knew I had to have a picture of them!


As promised, something other than a bird this week! I managed to catch a shot of a squirrel as he was running up a tree. I love squirrels!


The weather has been cloudy most of the week, though we really haven’t had much rain (of course as I say this its raining right now). I caught this shot on my way home from work, and managed to catch the sun in the clouds.


This is the Haller Lake P Patch community garden. A lot of my flower pictures come from here, though the real stars are all of the veggies and herbs that people have growing in their gardens. Most evenings and on the weekends, I see lots of people working on their plots. This is one of my favorite places on my route.


This is from the elementary school that I pass, they are having their Math Night soon!

And as has become my tradition, I save the best photo for last…


This week I finally got to see the infamous Bubble Gum Wall in Pike Place Market! This is really just a very small section of wall, there is a lot more than just what is seen here in the photo. People leave messages in gum… including an invitation to the prom, they also tack up receipts, business cards, etc in the gum. It was really pretty fascinating (and gross) to see all of the gum stuck to the walls along the alley… and all of the people there taking photos!

So that’s another week’s walks in the books. I am already snapping pictures for next week’s blog! I can’t wait to see what develops!

What is your favorite local landmark?

One response

  1. Great photos! I love the tree.

    found you through Foodie Pen Pals and then saw you’re in Seattle. We are in AK, but are planning a move down that way (Snohomish area probably) early spring next yr. Will be watching your walk photos now that I’ve found them. 🙂

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