For the last couple of weeks my iPod hasn’t been working, so I am walking to (and from) work without music. This allows my mind to really wander and I end up in some pretty crazy places. But more often than not lately, I find myself visualizing the effect that my walks are having on my body.

As I was walking home from work today, I noticed how my pants are fitting loosely around the thighs. Once upon a time they were rather tight in the thigh area. So I started picturing my thighs getting smaller with each step I took. I also kind of visualized what would happen if my pants fell down, because honestly I really need to get a belt (I mean I have lost 18.5 inches in addition to the 41 lbs).

Last week one of my walks took me to a lot of hills. Each time I headed up one of the steep hills, what kept me moving was visualizing my butt looking awesome. Right now I really don’t have a butt. My back kind of slopes out a bit so it looks like I have some junk in the trunk, but really there’s not a whole lot there (I inherited this from my dad). I am hoping hill walking and stairs might help me to develop a bit of a backside!

In addition to the visualizations about my body, I also visualize my blog posts. I tend to write them in my head at times while I’m walking, though by the time they actually hit the computer screen they are vastly different. I also have conversations with myself about issues at work or elsewhere in my life and sometimes am able to come to a resolution somewhere along the 2.25 mile route. So now my walks are performing triple duty~ transportation, workout & therapy!

What do you think about/ visualize during your workouts??

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