Friday Five~ Totally Random

I thought about a few different things that I could cover in today’s blog but ended up just picking five completely random things to tell you about myself…

1. My bedroom is chronically messy! I will spend a day and get my room 100% clean (swept, laundry put away, desk cleaned off, etc.) only to have it become a total mess again a day or two later. I blame it on the fact that I am very busy, so when I’m home I have other things to spend my time on rather than cleaning my room. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

2. If there is one single food that I miss from living in San Diego its Limon Lays potato chips. I have looked everywhere for them here in Seattle and can’t find them. I’ve even dropped hints to my parents and friends back home to send me some in a care package. I think that I might just have to order them online in bulk soon, because I really need a fix (it has been over a year now!).

3. I used to play the flute and piccolo in my high school marching band. In fact, when I went away to college after graduation, I entered UCLA as a music major! I haven’t played in almost 20 years but I still miss it!.

4. I have no tattoos and only my ears are pierced (twice), but I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for some time now. I can’t seem to make up my mind what tattoo I want or where I want it to be. But the real reason I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet is I’m afraid of the pain involved! I’m kind of wuss!

5. My favorite magazine is Whole Living by Martha Stewart’s publishing company. And that’s saying a lot because I LOVE magazines in general! Right now its the only magazine I subscribe too and I get so happy when my new issue arrives in my mailbox (I just got one today)!

So those are 5 totally random things about me this week!

What would you like me to reveal about myself next week?


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