Day Off

Today I had an outing planned with a friend in downtown Seattle. I have only been downtown a few times and really don’t know my way around very well.

I started my day by paying some bills online, then walking into the commercial area by my work to run some errands before catching the bus to meet my friend downtown. Not only were we just spending a fun day together, but it was also his birthday, so that made it even more special in my opinion.

We met down by Pike Place Market, which is one of my favorite places in Seattle. I had been there twice before, so this time we checked out the shops along the street including the original Sur Le Table. (The original Starbucks is also across the street from the Market). We had a great lunch overlooking the Market at the Pike Place Bar and Grill before strolling through town and making our way to one of my other favorite places in downtown.

We did some window shopping and stopped at Macarena Bakery for some treats before continuing to the Space Needle. We spent about an hour up in the Needle, checking out the views of Seattle, sharing bits of the history of the area and just chatting in general. After checking out the gift shop, it was time to catch the bus home.

I didn’t want to worry about changing buses, so I walked the rest of the way home after stopping for a bottle of water and a couple of lottery tickets (gotta try, right?) All in all I walked almost 7 miles today (6.96), which is a good thing considering when I got home, my roommate and I decided to go out to The Ram for dinner! Then it was back home to watch Captain America on DVD.

All in all I had an amazing day and I really enjoyed myself. Of course, eating out for all three meals plus a treat and dessert did not make for the healthiest of days, but as I always say, it’s about balance. One day of indulgence isn’t going to throw me off track. And I did split my dessert with my roommate…

When was the last time you had a day that was dedicated to fun?


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