Adventure Monday Deluxe!

Today was an awesome day!! I have mentioned before that my roommate and I have decided to embark upon Adventure Mondays whenever we both have the day off.  Well this week our Adventure Monday actually started on Sunday and carried over for the entire day today!

First, on Sunday evening my roommate picked me up from work and we headed to Log Boom Park in Kenmore to eat a picnic dinner on the lake with her son and the dog.

They have these long piers with a bunch of different moorings that you can sit on and fish, sunbathe, relax, eat or whatever. We sat out on one of the moorings and enjoyed our dinner, then took a short walk along part of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

This morning I made pancakes for breakfast to start the day. I am really bad a cooking anything that requires flipping~ pancakes, eggs, etc~ so I was quite pleased that I was able to flip them without making a mess. After breakfast Joanna and I headed out to Discovery Park for a hike. I will tell you that the pictures just do not do justice to how beautiful this trail is!

You can see snow-covered Mt Rainier in the distance!

We hiked a total of 5 miles today which included about 500 stairs as well (ok maybe it was only 200, but it felt like 500)

We also got a sneak peak of where we were headed this evening while on our hike. You can just see the beach in the distance.

Once we finished our hike, we stopped at a fisherman’s wharf type area and had a couple of beers before heading home to get ready for our barbecue at Golden Gardens Park with some of Joanna’s friends.

There were so many sailboats on the water, it was incredibly beautiful. We were also able to look back at where we hiked way across the water behind the boats.

It was a beautiful day capped off with an utterly gorgeous sunset!!

Also of note today, Monday also means my Full Circle delivery arrived.

Today’s box included yams, peaches, onions, spinach, rhubarb (something completely new for me), bell pepper and mushrooms. I also added a loaf of sourdough bread, salad greens, raspberries, bananas, a box of pasta, a jar of peanut butter and some caramels to the order.

I also received my box from my Foodie Pen Pal, which I will be blogging about later this month and stepped on the scale to discover I am down another 2 lbs… I am less than 1 lb away from the 40lb lost mark!! So yes, today was definitely a great day!!!



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