Friday 5- Food Revelations

So its Friday and that means 5 more things about me…

1. I am a carbaholic! I love carbs, especially breads!  I would rather eat the rolls at Thanksgiving than the pies (aside from pumpkin of course) and one of my favorite snacks is crackers. I try to keep control over my carb cravings and keep my diet balanced out as much as possible. But I always tend to overload on the pastas!

2. Speaking of pastas, Italian food is by far my favorite cuisine! I have a dream of going to Italy and eating my way through the country. Whenever its my choice for a restaurant, I will probably choose the Italian one (though if  I ever get to go back home for a visit, I’ll be hitting up some real Mexican food as well!).

3. Might as well keep the food trend going and admit that I don’t like mashed potatoes! Most people are blown away by this admission! I love potatoes prepared pretty much every other way but mashed. And I have tried a few different types as well. My palate has been opening up a lot more lately and I am eating a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy before, but I still can’t do mashed potatoes!

4. Or coffee! I don’t drink coffee at all. I just don’t like the taste of anything coffee or mocha flavored… ice cream, candy, lattes, anything! When I first got to Washington and saw little coffee huts on every corner, I wondered if I would be run out of the state when I admitted that I don’t like coffee. I mean Seattle is known for its coffee and the home of the original Starbucks after all. So far they’ve let me stay…

5. My final food related revelation… I live for peanut butter! I have been known to sit with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon and call it dinner on occasion (not the entire jar). Thankfully I love peanut butter on toast, apples, carrots, celery, crackers, chocolate, etc, so I am able to fit it into my healthy lifestyle rather effortlessly. Especially since finding CB Nut’s Peanut Butter whose only ingredient is peanuts.

So those of 5 food related things about me.

What are your food revelations?


One response

  1. I can’t taste coffee. I love the way it smells and I was always told that it tastes exactly like it smells, but I can’t taste it at all. I can only guess that’s because it’s too strong. I have very, very super sensitive taste buds, and if something’s too strong, it’s like they cut off. If everyone else is telling me about something super spicy or super sour or super strong, I simply can’t taste it. Coffee is like that, which means i never got addicted to it. I did used to like it in ice cream, so that there’s the hint of the way coffee smells, but I can’t have even the tiniest bit these days. I didn’t grow up drinking caffiene, since I always hated soda, and so now, if I consume the slightest bit of the stuff, I can’t sleep for 48 hours. Grr.

    We really love Laura Scudder’s natural peanut butter. Just peanuts, so delicious!

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