Weekly Walking

Last week I posted pictures from my walks over the week. This is something that I definitely want to continue, mostly because its fun! It also opens my eyes and makes me appreciate the things I see every day a little bit more. I am noticing things that I never noticed before and seeing beauty in simple things. Here are my pictures from this past week…


As I mentioned last week, there are so many different varieties of trees here in Washington! I just love the shade of red on these trees, I pass several of them every day (we even have a small one growing in our backyard).


These lovely flowers are all over in a few different colors… blues, lavender and white are the most popular ones.


Last week I showed you my favorite church from my walk, this week’s place is a park. There are so many different parks in Washington, its awesome. I haven’t actually stopped in at this park yet, I just walk by every day. I think I will be coming here on my day’s off with a book and a picnic lunch in the summer though!


One of my walks this week was along the beach in West Seattle with a friend. I was able to catch a shot of this guy playing in the waves. This shot kind of reminds me of home even though the beaches here are very different.


Our weather has been all over the place this week. I have walked in the sunshine, wind, light rain and torrential downpours on different days. But this shot of the sky was on one of the prettiest days of the week!


This is the sign from my bus stop. I pretty much only ride the bus on the days I get off work late now, but when I do take the bus, it’s the 346!


And finally a random shot. There is a gravel area along my walk that fills with puddles (large puddles) every time it rains. As you can tell from this shot, it was raining when I took this one. I have walked by on cold days in the winter and the puddles will be completely iced over in the middle of the afternoon.  At least now they disappear every few days when the sun shines!

So that’s this week’s walks in pictures!

What types of things do you see on your walks/ runs?


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  1. The first time I ever saw a purple tree like that was when I went to France on a six-week study abroad program in the summer of ’99. Later that same summer, I visited the Midwest for the first time, and saw those trees there too. I loved them so much. They never became commonplace to me in the 5 years I lived in Wisconsin, and last summer, when we drove up to WI to visit my in-laws, there was a definite transition line when suddenly there were purple trees again. I even took a picture of one. 😀

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