Not Quite the Day I Planned

So Mondays are now Adventure Mondays for me and my roommate when we both have the day off and today we had planned to go to the Ballard Locks for a picnic. Unfortunately, I woke up with a terrible migraine that threw a wrench into our plans for the day. I’ve suffered from migraines for over 20 years and average about 2 a month. Most of the time they aren’t too bad and I am able to work through them. Other times they are pretty bad and I have to rest through them. Today was one of the bad ones sadly. So instead of a picnic by the water, I spent most of the morning in bed. The day was not a total loss however!

Once I started feeling better (about mid-afternoon), I took advantage of the day and got some much-needed cleaning done in my room, plus went through and cleaned out my dresser drawers. I pulled some stuff that’s just too big now or unflattering to send to Goodwill and organized what was left. I still need to go through my closet and my filing cabinet, but I made some definite progress on my projects around the house.

Disney and Tonka “helped” me with the dresser. This evening, my roommate, her son & I all watched Thor on DVD. They hadn’t seen it yet and are catching up on all of the movies in order to go see The Avengers (I saw it Saturday night, awesome movie!!!). After the movie, my roommate and I did a yoga routine. We really need to do this more often! Especially since my plan to put the fun back in my workouts has not produced an increase in exercise as I had hoped. I need to work on a new strategy there! I also got caught up on my emails and did some reading, so it really turned into a productive day, even though it started off rough. AND today was my Full Circle Farms delivery as well! (

Todays order included radishes, romaine lettuce, zucchini, apples, oranges, peaches, onions and avocados. I also added multigrain bread, a dark chocolate salted almond bar, tomatoes, pancake mix & banana chips.  Then I received a free bag of coffee as a gift. I don’t drink coffee, but my roommate does, so it’s still a win! At this point, I have tried almost all of the different breads that they have to offer from local bakeries. There is still a sourdough left that I haven’t tried, but I am trying to stick with the healthier bread options. Because my schedule is a little crazy this week, we didn’t do our menu planning, but did make use of some of the zucchini and onions with tonight’s dinner, along with some carrots that we had left from last week. Well, this blog has been a little all over the place, it’s after midnight and Disney is demanding I get off the computer and snuggle with her, so I will bring things to a close now… How do you make the most of the days that don’t go according to plan?

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